Welcome to the Video for Change Impact Toolkit

This toolkit will show you how to design and strategise for impact in your progressive social change initiatives. It is designed for documentary or journalist video-makers, established Video for Change organisations, and nonprofit organisations that are using or thinking about using video to engage their communities.

EngageMedia has produced this toolkit in partnership with the Video4Change Network. We are a group of video-makers — activists, journalists, documentary filmmakers, and human rights advocates — who have pooled our experience and knowledge to share tips, tools and resources on how to safely and effectively create powerful videos and engage audiences for changemaking.

We have designed this toolkit to be modular and flexible to your needs and context, which means you can skip around the toolkit and use the various components as and when you need.

This is a living toolkit. We would love to hear your feedback to keep growing and improving it. To send us comments, suggested tools or case studies, please contact us.

Let’s get started.