Research and Planning

This is the first entry point for engaging the community or individuals you want to work with. You may be a member of the affected community, or be living in the community you want to work with (and therefore have direct knowledge of the issues they are facing). Or you may be a Video for Change practitioner coming into a community from the outside. Whatever your background, you can create opportunities for engagement.

Design Your Research and Planning

The ‘design’ process of Research and Planning involves:

  • gathering information on community needs, history and context (political, social, cultural, etc)
  • synthesising that information
  • formulating ideas and brainstorming based on that information
  • crafting the strategy for the initiative.

The following is a set of steps and associated methods you can use to design your initiative. You can use all of them or mix and match them, depending on your needs and familiarity with the issues and community with whom you are working.