Video4Change Impact

  • Human RightsMilitary Oppression
    A Daughter’s Memory is a short animated documentary video using oral history to tell the story of a little girl who is a survivor of the 1965 Humanitarian Tragedies that occurred in Indonesia.
    March, 2020Kotakhitam Forum
  • Women Rights
    The impacts of an award winning video that tells the story of Maria, who was courted by an Indonesian soldier from Java temporarily stationed at her village in Bupul, West Papua.
    July, 2014Papuan Voices, EngageMedia
  • Religion
    A short documentary told through the lens of Carles, a young Ahu Parmalim follower, a religious minority group in Northern Sumatra. The video and its impact campaign inspired international debate on the rights of religious minorities in Indonesia.
    April, 2018Kampung Halaman
  • Millitary Violence
    The impacts of a citizen journalist video from Kashmir Unheard in Northern India, which managed to bring unlawful military violence to the public’s attention and was effective in raising support for a victim.
    February, 2019Kashmir Unheard
  • Millitary Violence
    A story about the positive and negative impacts after a witness video, produced through B'Tselem's Camera Project, of unlawful military violence by Israeli forces was made public.
    February, 2019B'Tselem